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CCI Net is an Internet Solution Provider, which offers end-to-end eBusiness solutions. As one of the largest privately held ISP/ASP, CCI Net provides superior customer service, leading-edge technologies, and reliable services to ensure our customer success in today's complex economy.

  Web Hosting
No matter what your web hosting needs are, CCI Net offers a hosting package to suit your business objectives. All packages provide speed, security,  reliability, and 24x7 support. CCI Net web hosting products are the best way to manage your hosting budget without compromising functionality or quality.
  Internet Access
CCI Net offers a variety of Internet Access solutions for many different needs. Whether you need  Dial-UpDSL, T1, or Frame Relay , we have the service level for you. All plans include unlimited online hours, Business/Personal Web space, multiple Email and many more.

Web Design
Need someone to design your Web site? CCI Net's Web design team can build a Web site that matches your company's unique style.

Park your Domain for Free
Register your domain name with CCI Net and we’ll provide a FREE intro Web page which provides basic company information to visitors until your site is ready.

Reseller Program Turn your client base into $$. We'll provide the quality services and support, so you can enjoy the revenues.


Application Hosting

Application Hosting packages can support  Exchange 2000 Server, Microsoft SQL 2000, Windows 2000/NT, IMail,  and Real Server. The right server can solve the high-traffic needs of your eCommerce site.


ms sql 2000 server

eCommerce Applications
Learn about the essential elements to look for in eCommerce applications that fits your budget.

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